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How to clean vinyl bar stool seat tops

How to clean vinyl bar stool seat tops

Keeping your bar stool cover seat tops clean with help prolong the life of the covers. Using the proper cleaning agent is crucial and can determine the life of the vinyl.

Why Condition Vinyl?

When vinyl fabric is not cared for properly, it can become dry and brittle due to chemical changes caused by ultraviolet light, certain chemicals, or even simply time. Brittle vinyl is not attractive and it tears very easily. Various conditioning products exist that restore the proper suppleness if degradation has not gone too far. Repeating the treatment every month or so, plus regular cleaning, keeps the vinyl in good condition. If the damage is too severe and the vinyl has already developed a lot of tears, it probably needs to be replaced with our new replacement bar stool seat top covers.

What do I use to condition the vinyl?

Begin with a thorough cleaning using a cloth dampened with either vinyl cleaner or a mixture of warm water and a little dish soap. Scrub a little with the cloth if necessary. Keep cleaning until the cloth comes away clean. Use a mixture of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and water and a soft brush to kill the mold or mildew and clean it away. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely. Once the vinyl is dry, spray on a vinyl conditioner treatment and rub it in with a clean cloth. Allow it to dry and repeat several times until the vinyl feels nice and supple again. Do not sit on or use the furniture until the conditioner dries completely. Excess conditioner can always be wiped away.

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